Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Want I Should Think of a Clever Title at This Time of Night??

The west and north brick walls of my basement laundry room are primed.  Three cheers for me.

Yes, I know it's well after 3:00 AM.  I didn't start till after 9:30 PM, so what do you expect?  The garden work has to be done sometime.

Anyway, it's primed.  Had to use a brush on the section that used to be behind the cabinet or whatever, for however good a job I thought I did last weekend of scraping and flaking and scrubbing it, flecks of the old paint would come off on the roller.  With the brush it's a much cleaner process:  the latex primer goes on, the old paint stays on the wall, the latex primer gets under the broken edges of the old paint, it wrinkles up, and I come around with the five-in-one tool and scrape it off.  And reprime the bare places.  And now the wet flakes are on the floor, not on the roller.  See how much better that works?

(Yeah, right.  As I said, I thought everything that needed scraped was gone on Saturday.)

Even without the paint coat, those two walls are making the rest of the basement look bad.  But the point is not to tart up the basement.  The point is to do whatever painting needs done before the new water filter and softener go in, so I'm not struggling to paint behind them later, and to do it so the laundry room doesn't look totally half-@$$ed.

(Half a donkey.  That would never do.)

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