Thursday, April 21, 2011

Acid Test

Dog and hallway before 'experiment'
This evening I got back from church and went upstairs to change my clothes.  My dog followed me, and when I was almost done, I looked out the bedroom doorway, and--

That little twerp had peed all over the hall!  No, correction, he'd lifted his leg on the shellacked curved baseboard, then done some urinary arabesques on the floor cardboard nearby!

Dumb dog!  There was no reason for that.  I had him outside a mere four hours previous.

But here's the good part:  I tackled that baseboard with a wet sponge and a dry washcloth, and the dog pee hadn't affected it one bit.  No white marks, no hazing; wiped it off and it was fine.

Probably can't say that for where the dog's irrigations soaked through the paper supposedly protecting the perimeter of the floor.  But at least I know my shellac job passes the acid test.


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