Wednesday, February 9, 2011

While I Was at It

While I was patching and filling and sanding doorways last month, I was also up to a thing or two more.

One that I can be pleased and relieved about:  On the 14th I got the sill to the opening between the 1st floor hall and the living room filled and resanded.

(Yeah, there's still tons to do)
The other thing, which I perpetrated the day before, was definitely nothing to brag about.  I got myself tangled up in my grandma's old floor lamp that I was using as a work light and sent it crashing into the bottom step and broke the brand-new three-way light bulb and the globe.  Yes, it's all replaceable, but why put myself into the position to have to spend the money? 

And I can't get this photo to stay rotated.

Alas, alas!

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