Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Down Day

Got up this morning, put on my work clothes, and was going to spend all day sanding steps.

But the mild weather tempted me outside to do something about the net-bound black raspberry canes.  Spent all morning detangling the net and cutting off the tops that'd grown through it; pulling up the suckers that had ranged out of bounds (including through the fence into the neighbors' yard), and lopping off the old growth.  Ended up with three paper leaf bags full of trimmings.  I'd glad I did it and I wish I'd done it a month ago, but after that I was scratched and exhausted.

And went upstairs and took a four hour nap.

And still felt draggy and tired after that.

So no sanding today.  Damn.  I guess this chemo business does have an effect on me after all.


Larry said...

It's good to take a break and do something else though.

BTW - the stairs ar looking GREAT!!!

Kate H. said...

Thanks. But here it is Friday, and no reno work since Monday. Still too tired. Rats.

Sandy said...

I am hoping you are feeling better. ♥