Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Have No Business Posting at This Hour

. . . But I had to. Because I actually got some work done. For the first time since last August.

Hall closet floor Before

Hall closet floor After

Devoted this (yesterday?) evening and into the wee hours getting back to stripping the old shellac and miscellaneous careless paint spills off my 2nd floor hall floor. Denatured ethyl alcohol, steel wool, and a rag to get it started, heat gun with the scraper to go after the stubborn hardened paint drips and smears, then the Howard Refinisher with more steel wool and rags (and a certain amount of elbow grease) to get rid of the loosened paint and the rest of the shellac finish.

Yeah, I'm a little lightheaded by now. Yes, I raised the window while I was working, about 4" (Let's not get extreme; it's in the 20s out there). So yes, it's a good thing I got called in to teach in the morning, otherwise I'd still be at it and really messing up my brain cells.

But we have pictures. The new camera arrived today. I'm not 100% sure I like it that much. Focus either isn't that great or I haven't got the hang of it yet. But there are pictures.

The trim from Baird Brothers also got delivered, at 10:30 in the morning. I probably should have untaped the bundle and checked the shipment against my list, but I didn't. Didn't want the pieces cascading all over my front room floor. Better do it anyway.

But not tonight. I gotta teach third graders in the morning.


Elaine said...

Looking good in there. Have fun with the new camera.

Sandy said...

That floor looks absolutely smashing!

I change my masthead through the "Dashboard", then Layout. At the very top of the "template" is where your blog name is and there is an Edit button in the lower right hand corner. If you click that, you can change your picture. I just happened to pick one that came up big! Most of the ones I pick are small.

St. Blogwen said...

Kate H. said...
Elaine and Sandy,thanks!

Sandy, the difficulty I'm having with the masthead is how to get the writing I want on the picture, in the font I want, where I want it.

But when I think of everything else I have to do, that really isn't top priority . . .