Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An "Ooooh, Shiny!" for Christmas

Gentle readers, I have done zilch on the house the past month or so, unless you count strewing a modicum of Christmas decorations amidst the demounted trim boards, plaster residue, and pet hair furballs as "doing something" on the house. Oh, yes, I did get my outside decorations up, thus contributing my bit towards the festive aspect of the neighborhood.

Nope. I've substitute-taught every blessed day this month in a rather difficult school and I come home exhausted. It's a good thing I have my outside Christmas lights on a timer; otherwise half the time they wouldn't get turned on. Or off.

But to contribute to the festivity of the houseblogs community (and to make sure I have at least one post in December), I present a little vid I did of my Christmas tree three years ago.

It will have to stand in for a full-height tree again this year: Until I get the demounted living room and dining room baseboards refinished and back up, it's only the old "bottle brush" tree on top of the piano for me.


Sandy said...

Oh Kate! The house looks so lovely with the "candles" in the windows and the lighted garland strung! Merry Christmas!

St. Blogwen said...

Didn't have the energy to put up even the fake tree this year. Oh, well! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Larry said...