Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Intentions

Oh well phooey. I meant to make a post about digging two humongous holes and hauling tons and tons of old sandy dirt out and dumping tons and tons and tons of new compost and manure and peat moss and topsoil in, not to mention digging out the stump from the arbor vitae in the first place, and so getting two more roses planted yesterday (Wednesday) evening. . .

But it took longer than I thought to download the pictures (haven't done it for awhile due to the computer being on the fritz). And then there's something I don't quite like about one of the roses. I mean, they aren't supposed to have funny markings on the leaves, are they?

I have emailed the supplier. With photos.

So there won't be a post. At least, not much of one.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I've not seen markings like that on my rose leaves, but that doesn't mean anything.

p.s. I can see your entire blog page with my new computer! No more scrolling over to the side to see what is there! Woohoo!