Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Housekeeping

I've finally figured out why the 300x250 ad block on my blog never gets used, even though my Adify account says I've got buyers for it.

It's because the template default size of the right hand sidebar is only 240 pixels wide. I kind of tumbled to that when I put on a new house photo a little bit ago and noticed it was chopped off on the right side.

So I went into the HTML and widened the sidebar to 320 pixels. Now the picture and the ad block have room to breathe, and hopefully pretty soon I'll be rid of that placeholding blank and have an ad above the fold.

However, you'll notice that I wasn't able to move the radiused corners to the new location. In the HTML window it says, "The images which help create rounded corners depend on the following widths and measurements. If you want to change these measurements, the images will also need to change."

Well, I did change "the widths and measurements"; can anyone advise me on how to change the "images" as well? The template is called "Rounders," but I can't find anything on Blogger Help to solve the problem.

Suggestions gratefully received! Meanwhile, we'll see what Adify comes up with now that my ad space is the right size.


Sandy said...

You amaze me! I have no clue how to do all that stuff to the blog. Hence, I suppose, why my blog looks the pretty much the same as it did when I created it. Sigh.

Old House Lover said...

To fix the graphics, you'll need to download them make them wider to match your new width then upload them to someplace like Google's Picasa Web Albums or other place where they can be hosted. Then change the graphics location(s) in your template so they point to the new graphics at the new location (Picasa, etc.). Then when the blog is loaded by yourself or your readers the graphics will be loaded from the new location rather than the Blogger default. Hope this makes sense, if not just comment and I'll try to be more explict.