Thursday, February 5, 2009

Help Is on the Way

It's like this: My bathroom sink has been slow, yea, clogged for the past few months. And I've been putting up with it.

I've been putting up with it, because I knew what was wrong with it and it seemed like a really neat thing if I could Fix It Myself. I knew what was wrong, because after all the Liquid Plumbr and vinegar and so on, when I'd plug the overflow hole and go at the drainhole with the plunger, I could hear what sounded like gravel rattling in the trap. Calcium deposits come loose and slowing down the water flow, no doubt.

But I didn't have the right wrenches and I just never got around to buying any.

As an alternative, I thought I might get this friend who does his own plumbing to come over and fix it. He's got the right wrenches. But somehow, every time I mentioned it to him, he seemed strangely deaf . . .

But call a plumber? Forget it!

But last weekend my kitchen sink got stopped up, too. Knew what that had to be: pistachio nut shells. Not a good idea to put pistachio nut shells down the garbage disposal. They get past the blades and camp out in the pipe that runs to the other sink. They fill up with water and let little or nothing by. Glad I had the other sink bowl clear to run faucet water down. But frantically bailing out the overflowing stopped up bowl every time the dishwasher empties through the disposal is a little too exciting for me.

So I had a brilliant thought: Let's see if my home warranty covers plumbing clogs! And lo, it does!

So tomorrow morning the plumber cometh, and as for my own ventures into pipe wrenching, they will have to fly away to the realm of Might-Have-Been.

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