Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Enough

Tuesday I finished the paint job and got the shelf piece rehung on my study wall (I waited till today to post so I could get the room clean enough for respectable After pictures). I think-- I hope-- that this time it should stay put.

I had to replace only one mollie with a toggle bolt, the one that pulled right out when the unit fell last November. Handy thing, working with a wall that's finished on one side only-- I could creep into the storage space behind and screw the toggle onto the bolt from the back side. So no drilling a gaping great hole that could be seen from the front.

So I got the fallen bracket secured and made sure the screws on the other one were tight and then placed the shelf piece back on them.

And it was crooked. At least 1/4" lower on the left than on the right. What the--? I'd put that righthand bracket back where it was before; I know I did, because the lower screw went back into the mollie that was still good. And I'd never noticed that shelf piece being crooked before! It's been mounted there the past five years!

Or did I just have so much stuff on top that I never noticed?

Well, no time for regrets or recriminations. This was one of those situations when a DIYer's gotta do what a DIYer's gotta do.

And it wasn't taking the unit back down and moving either one of those brackets up or down a quarter inch.


I went down the basement and rummaged my collection of furniture bumpers and pads and found some twenty-five-cent-piece-sized black rubber ones. I stacked them two and two on the top of the wooden part of the bracket, and made up the deficiency.

Well, mostly. It's good enough.

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Sandy said...

It looks good to me! (I love that shelf. Where did you find it?)