Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finely, Finely

I got some actual work on the house done.

As opposed to work in the garden.

Yeah, it's the same old project: Stripping the woodwork. Last night sometime after 9:00 PM, I said to myself, "What! You're wearing your nasty tan work jeans and an old ratty T-shirt, and yet again you're going to cash it in without taking up the trusty heat gun and the refinisher-dripping steel wool? Do you really want to live without trim for the next five years? Or turn down some dream job out of town because you're afraid you'd never be able to sell the house in the state it's in? Go below and work!"

So I did. Took the old paint and finish off nine more pieces of trim. All of them having been sitting in the basement since last March, I believe. True, some of those piece were pretty dinky (quarterround, anyone?), but they were in my count from last January, and so they, well, count.

Labored at it till nearly 3:30 AM. And cleaned up the floor so the kittehs won't get the dried paint goop in their pads and lick it off.

The clamps in the picture are me gluing a large sliver back on, where a nail wouldn't cooperate when I was removing it. Happily, it's on the back side. I'll worry about how the mend will look on the exposed edge, later.

But maybe I've got my woodwork stripping momentum back. Finally.

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Sandy said...

Whew! That's a whole lot of work!!