Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sweetness and Light

This weekend was the annual Beaver County Maple Syrup Festival at Brady's Run Park. This afternoon I went up and joined in the happy throng.

This is my fourth or fifth Maple Syrup Festival since I moved to southeastern Pennsylvania, and the first I can remember that wasn't cold, wet, and sloppy with mud. Miracle of miracles, the sun came out yesterday and stayed out!

And so from miles around the people came, and came, and came, buzzing in like eager wasps round a jam jar for crafts, concerts, demonstrations, an all-you-could-eat pancake feast, and gallons of maple syrup produced right there in the park. The weather was fine, the atmosphere was festive, and I believe the County must have raised a handsome amount towards park upkeep and programs.

I did my bit, going home with a jug of syrup for me and one for my sister and brother-in-law in Kansas City. And of course, a bellyful of pancakes!

Here are some views of the day:

The line for the pancakes. It was even longer than it looks!

A craft booth

A blacksmith's display. Alas, the dual-hook hanger was way out of my budget.

Patience! The goal is in sight!

Yes, Virginia, it really is all the pancakes and real maple syrup you can eat!

Into the pancake lodge at last! It only took an hour and a half. The line was still coming in when I left-- nearly a half hour after they'd planned to stop serving.

I had-- well, never mind how many pancakes I ate. Hey, it was my first, last, and only meal for the day!

Volunteer pancake chefs

Grinding locally-grown buckwheat in the park gristmill. I bought some to take home.

In the sugar shack, enlightenment on the nature of maple sap, its collection, and its transformation into maple syrup

Collection tanks and the flow line to the sugar shack

Civil War reenactors break camp

I walked around the park awhile after the Festival was officially over. Letting things settle a bit, you see . . .

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Sandy said...

Great pictures! Thanks for taking me along on the pancake tour... but I missed the all you can eat. LOL