Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Querying the Legitimacy of Back-Dated Posts

Tell me, is it the done thing to back date posts? So much happened at the Lime Plaster workshop at Howard Hall Farm a week ago, it's impossible to sum it all up in one retrospective post. So may I please "pretend" I posted during that time, and keep things clean and tidy?


diyer said...

I think you should do it if it helps you tell your story. As long as you're staying faithful to what really happened I think there are good reasons for 'timeshifting' posts...for example, we never houseblog about vacations until well after they're done. No need to broadcast to the world that we're away from the house! :-)

- Aaron,

St. Blogwen said...

Good point. Maybe it wasn't so bright of me to say I was going to be away-- until I'd been!

Kate H.

Sarah said...

Hey you! It was great having you here for the workshop! Have you tried it at home yet? Ryan's been doing our hallway. Just popping in because I wanted to let you know that I posted pics from the workshop at:

Are you going to write a post about it still? Let me know when you do! I'm putting Ami's up, and I'd love to include yours!
Hope all's well,