Sunday, July 15, 2007


A couple weeks (okay, a month) ago when I first pulled the smelly carpet off my second floor hall, I commented on the ludicrous slope the floor had assumed.

Going by the gaps between the floorboards and the bottom of the wood base, I thought the low point was at the outside wall.
But I fetched one of my cat's old golf balls, just to check, and what do ya know:

I'll still need to fiddle around with shoe mouldings or lower the baseboard or something to make up the difference. But somehow knowing what I'm actually working with makes me feel a little more competent about it, like I know what I'm doing.

No, actually, what it makes me do is, it makes me wonder how the blinking baseboard ended up levitating like that in the first place.

Meanwhile, this past Thursday night I got more stairway carpet, pad, and tackstrip off, handily in time for trash pickup early Friday morning. (Don't you admire the way some PO painted the risers up to the stair runner on either side?)

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